Monday, June 29, 2009

I think I need help..gulp!

Can't cook - it's too hot
Can't go out to play badminton - it's too hot
Can't sit in balcony , counting new leaves - it's too hot
Can't go out for a swim - it's too hot

Can sit inside with a ice-cold lime juice and a book. That I did. Then I realized something was missing in that I did this:



J was cleaning out the fish tank (we plan to sell it), and it brought back memories of my fishes, Ramu, Veeru and Chinna-swamy. So..ahem..I did this:


I definitely am not going to graduate this fall if I keep doing this :(

Bookmark pattern : Knit one, Blog two
Fish pattern : Knit a little store


  1. wow, you're good with weaving the needle into those cute little things. It's been ages since i knitted. Used to do that in school for all the SUPWs.

  2. lady has a new addiction.
    where are the books? nicely thrown off in a woolen sj knitted sack??

  3. I can't do any of that stuff either, It's too hot! And I can't even knit. I really wish you could teach me, did some in school and I remember enjoying it a lot.

  4. tumhe knitting ka zatka laga hai re...:) Wht r u knitting these days? That looks so cute in rainbow colors. Are you knitting for me?:P I wud love it.hehe:D

    btw, kaunsi book padh rahi ho abhi (tht I can see here in photo)?

  5. You know what you are suffering from?? Too good a husband syndrome!!! He cleaned up the tank while you were knitting??? Ok now to ur knitting thing....I think it's getting worse no? from hats to bookmarks to fish *shudder* ...what will be next??? Sakshi's portfolio??
    Waise I think the bookmark and ramaswamy will be a great accessory to gift wrap with the hat you made for me. I like Bargains and buy one get one free marketing u see....

  6. Love the bookmark and the fish :) Please post the link for the pattern for the bookmark.

    you will graduate dont worry ;) i did the same thing when college :P

  7. absolutely love the bookmark! and i am positive not everyone can do stuff like this. do u need an artistic hand or something? if so, guess who's never going to get there?

  8. Loved those cute knits dear..that fish looks cute..

  9. Oh wow SJ, that bookmark is too cute...And dont worry, its wonderful to have an addiction that doesnt harm you in any way, go knit girl !

  10. OMG, that bookmark is absolutely adorable! You won't even need to graduate the way you're going--check out this book called The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood (if you haven't already). You should start a knitting circle like that. I have been dreaming of being able to knit but my mum and gran have given up on me. :(

  11. They are adorable! Really. Not everyone can do such things.

  12. SJ, These are so beautiful!!! You knit so well!!! I am amazed!

    I am sure you will graduate with flying colours! All this creativity will make show in your grades for sure :)

  13. @Colourmesunshine,
    I had to learn something - I would have lost all my screws in this country!
    Knitted sack eh? hmm...
    I got some kids knitting kit from AC Moore and was glued to You-Tbe for a month. Thats how I learnt it!
    Thats fiction not my school books :P
    I have put it up for you. Even I hope so!
    Thats what I keep telling myself!
    I think its fairly easy, I haven't ventured into two colours or cable knits..
    aww..ur too kind thanks!
    I hope my prof thinks the same way..gulp!

  14. The bookmark is beautiful & the hat with the pompom is sho shweeeet, I loved them;-D!!!!
    I almost wish I was staying somewhere closeby just so tht I cd wrangle such cute stuff out of u;-D.
    Sakshi is really lucky I must say;-D

  15. psst sakshi, while you are there can you just bundle up that bookmark,fish,hat and whatever new stuff SJ's made and put it on the 4:15pm flight to ma place???

  16. Shoot me...I actually went over to check the links you gave for the patterns and guess what it looked like some html code to closed them promptly and made a mental note that I am not gonna be a favourite granny to my grandchildren...sigh!!!! SJ will you knit for my grandchildren too???? I promise will keep you entertained even when you are old and more cranky!!!

  17. You are so artistic, loved the bookmark, wish i cud do that!

  18. I heart the cute fish & the book mark & even the topi with the colors! cool ones

  19. hey, i saw firework pom poms for 4th of july -

  20. I think the house is going to become very hot indoors as well by the amount of wool you are using these days. The bookmark is extremely pretty, loved it. Will all your books have different bookmarks??

  21. SJ, the superwoman has been tagged. Visit my latest post for further details.

  22. Sj...father mother gawd promise...i came here to be friend with you, to appreciate your wonderfooool photographs and to increase the comment count on your post. i hope you won't take this as an offense...god promise..i didn't urinate here...i will come back yet, because i could read only 3 at this go...i hope u won't but if you mind incase, i am ready to offer you to play the role of Rama and me being the Sita...i will proove my purity of love for your blog... :D :D

  23. saw both these knitting stories earlier too......cudn't comment then....
    you are such a creative person n you know you have almost enticed me to take out all my treasure ant start using them as props in my food photos..:D:D
    have done a lot of crocheting...made many frocks for Mithi and one pullover for dear husband that took 3 years to complete.......he wears it with pride...

    the fish looks so cuuuute...and i liked all the caps, with or without pom poms...

  24. and dear...daliya is broken wheat or burgul as it is called in middle east...what do you call it??


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