Friday, June 19, 2009

Please vote

This blog gets an average of 100 hits per day (never mind that 35 come from me, 20 from Sakshi and 10 from J). I am curious to know why you guys come to my site? Like Nags who did surveys and all asking her readers to vote, why they came at her place, I want to do the same (yea, copy cat kill your rat, Sunday Monday eat your rat, big deal!)

Dear readers, for what joy do you come here?

1) Ayyoo...I googled "masala vade" it brought me here. Chee thu will not come back, don't worry.
2) To read your sermons (this includes Slumdog millionaire, Jai-Hind posts)
3) To get recipes (these include Mangalore buns, spinach pilaf etc)
4) To read the BS you write (these include obituary, hips dance yoga and such nonsense posts)
5) To admire your wonderfooool photographs
6) To tell my kids, "see if you don't go to school, this is how you will end up to be"
7) I want to be friends with you
8) I came to show Dr. Bharathi P Salimat all that you have written about her (i.e, curry favour)
9) Chumma for time pass
10) I don't want to vote.

Rules and regulations:
-Since, I don't get as many comments as Nags, the voting will go on until Wednesday, June 24th 2009, 9pm USA time.
-Also, my computer devaru-J is at work, so there is no way for me to put fancy side bars with drop down voting menu, which you can click and be anonymous.
-So please in your comments indicate why you came here (just the number will do)
- You can check no more than 3 entries (if you want to check more than 3, pay an excess fee of $1/additional vote)

Remember, as a citizen of blogworld it's your duty (or maybe karma) to vote. Let your voice be heard.


  1. I just came through your blog very recently.....What takes me here is not there in your thought of writing down....your sense of humor and bindas nature......Keep rocking....

  2. Haha :) Am I the first to vote?? Ummm, I think I'll vote for number 4 altho I wouldnt call what you write BS :) I'm entertained!

  3. None of the above...I come here for my very own exclusive reason. To check out people who comment here and drag them to my place. If they can comment here what O what will keep them commenting at my place?? Well but I think it takes wonly an SJ to make people do weird things...

  4. Btw have you ever heard of the phrase Curiosity Killed the blog??? May your blog rest in peace after this survey...

  5. my vote:

    modified (6):
    "if you go to school with SJ as your teacher, this is how you will end up to be"

    modified (9):
    this is "excellent" time pass

    combined (2)&(4)&(5):
    because both your sermons & BS are entertaining...even though the photographs are taken by a fooooool, they are worth admiring...

    ps: regarding (1)&(8) what if BPS herself googles "Masala Vade" and then reads what you wrote abt her?

  6. As soon as I saw this, I wanted to say : chumma timepass. But since you kept it as an option, I WON'T choose that.

    i come to see how better your pics are than mine and then to see how I can do the same thing with my pics!


  7. 11 i say

    I come to Masala vade because i "LOVE" coming reason in particular.
    You are one of the best Vada around the Masala Blogs!!

  8. 7. I want to be friends with u

    I had to choose this cos no one else did and its the most corny option :D

    Honestly, u are super entertainment...

  9. Hmmm having only recently come across your blog, I'm wondering why I came at all? :D If I figure it out I will come back and vote!

  10. Love the masalas you add to ur posts...n at times, Chumma for time pass:)

  11. none of the above..
    you make me come here at gun point

  12. None of the above. There is no any specific reason for visiting your place and would you ever ask me...why do u come here? :)

    Just love(unconditional)to visit your place.:)

  13. erm.. err... ok i am going say your pictures are what make me come back again and again. the food pics.

  14. Ever since I read your rant on your love for India, I have been forced to visit your archives although this is my first comment on your blog!!

  15. not in the list
    I visit your site to increase the number of hits for your blogpage
    and make you feel you are popular and happy!!!

  16. I love the pictures, and also its addictive to chk out eacg day what a blogger has posted.

  17. The pictures win hands down for me.And also some of the recipes that you post. But to be honest, I also come here to see if I can drag some of your commentators to my post. So please please please tell your huge fan following to read my posts and comment. I am desperate.

  18. i just came by your blog. but promise you this is not my last visit. I will be following you just to see what masala you will add to your posts.

  19. Unbelievable...some say they really want to be your friend!!! Guess I should warn them personally on their blog.....Gals and guys I was a well behaved, obedient, innocent gal before I met SJ....and now...sobs...sobs....

  20. Guess its the first time here!...hmm am I qualified to vote? anecdotes are funny, maybe 4th applies!

  21. First time here. The reason i stumbled upon ur blog is not in this list.
    My reason - pure chance.

  22. do i need to explain why i do things like this..........let me read all yuoir posts first....

  23. Since I only recently discovered your blog, I really can't say. But, let me add, whatever I've read so far keeps me wanting to come back - for your recipes, photos and writing style. So, does it count as a vote?

  24. Food pics..time pass..and ye non-sense posts.I don't remember the option numbers :D

  25. I'd say the pictures and your easy writing style. :)

  26. Now if someone gets treated with such delicacies like pizzas and masala vades and in the process learn the trade secret too about how to make it,and all this without shelling a single penny,do you think there needs to be better reason to come back??

    Loved the poll,though,SJ :)

  27. hmmmmmmmmmm, chumma timepass & also not to forget.., the food pictures you take, they are a treat to me :)

  28. I would say I come back to 'read' what you have written, your very bindhas writing style is what makes me come back ...

  29. I would say its 2,4 & 9. But u should have added 'none of the above' as sambar said ;)

  30. I just loved "Chee thu will not come back,"



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