Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This is to inform everyone that our beloved Ramaswamy has left his watery abode to fish heaven.
He was 2.5 years and lived a life of swimming, eating and poop-ing.
He was suffering from heart break due to the sudden passing away of his best pals- Veeraswamy and Chinnaswamy. He was also suffering from a severe bacterial infection, which was eating away his fins and tail.
Ramaswamy has provided many kids (Vishnu, Neela, Neel and Nikhil) hours of fun and in turn the parents some time to breathe. He was scheduled to entertain another kid- Saman in July. Ramaswamy will be sorely missed by these kids and their parents.
Ramaswamy is survived by his grieving parents-S and J, his greatest fan, Sakshi, his colourful tank and a whole bottle of fish food.
The funeral was conducted in S n J's main toilet. He was flushed away to fish heaven at approximately 6 pm EST.



  1.'s painful!!!:( So cute he was!!!

  2. Am serving you a court notice for Pet Abuse, Negligence and Cruelty towards an adorable little gold thing...sobs..sobs..
    I was all so excited to see the little fella in July who had given me so many laughs on a bad hair day. Will surely miss him..but why is that after reading the damn obituary I am tickled on my funny bone?? The great Ramaswamy managed to bring a smile on my face even in his death...god bless the poor soul and hope his journey through your toilet to heaven was not a stinking one...Amen

  3. Well Sweety am thinking whether to be sad for your loss...or to laugh on this cute post ....pls accept my heartfelt condolence !

  4. Gal, ur post confused me whether to smile looking at ur post or to be sad for the loss...Anyways my condolence to that sweet little cutie.
    and regarding your question for that yellow cucumber,you r correct..they are short n fat..they will be oval or round in shape.I think this link will be more helpful to you.

  5. lol..ur post..damn hilarious
    but ramaswamy..poor chap!!

    i totally dig the swamy's u have..oh sorry Had.
    but why arent the kids named swamy too?

  6. **holding my tummy laughing** sakshi loved the punchline of ur comment - hope his journey through your toilet to heaven was not a stinking one...Amen

  7. Let Ramaswamy's soul rest in peace!!!

    Ur post reminded me of this :)

  8. Sj, nice to you again at FH! Good luck with your permanent move to India. I will be very happy to visit you there but I need to come back home though! ;D

    Can't believe the pollution there even though people smile thru' it all. I can't handle it, I guess this country is my "home" now. I had a panic attack on the third night, wanted to fly back but my friends convinced me stay back and took me out only in the evenings and early mornings. Somehow I survived and will visit India next only in December.
    See you in Fall, enjoy Summer! :)

  9. Ha..RIP Ramu..n u flushed that poor thing..u cud hav buried it like I did for my chikki(baby chicken) and I planted something over it as well..haa...sobs..
    So whats with the fish tank now..:P
    You can grow some amoeba there mebe..:D

  10. Are we supposed to mourn or laugh at this post! Looks too cute!

  11. SJ, u are something make even the obituary sound so funny...Poor Ramaswamy...So u getting more of his kind now ??

  12. Thank you SJ for trying my Tawa pulav..Glad you liked it..

  13. I love the names of your pets! Ramaswamy was a cutie indeed!! Cutest obit I've read! :)

  14. OK< that was Vani of Mysoorean. I was logged into the wrong ID!

  15. @All,
    THANK YOU so much for offering your condolences. Ramu came in my dream and asked me to thank you guys personally.

    They smile because its their home thats why. if I were your friend I would have booked your tickets for the next day. Sorry, you didn't know how to enjoy your mother land. Summers here in MD touch 90F thats what it is in B'lore! I would advice yu to avoid India in Dec- it rains and with the bad Indian drainage system, water stagnates, mosqitoes and flies all over-people still smile thru' it all. But I doubt you will, so stay here why go thru' all that trouble. I do not tolerate ANYONE who talks bad about India, be it my husband or Obama I will speak out. This time it was you who had to face the music. You just came to comment about India's summer in my fishes obituary post! Seriously is this what American taught you tsk tsk tsk...

  16. Poor my friend Ramu...everyone except his grieving bestest friend (that's me) forgot him even his Rani Lakshmi Bhai of a mother...

    Me taking a 2 day silent break from blogging in his honour.....sobs


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