Thursday, June 25, 2009

WTFs with some psycho-analysis throw in

- This is a rant (oh no not again, let me run)
- It involves some psycho-analysis by Dr. SJ (okay, just a quick glance)
- It is feminist- friendly (Ok, maybe will allot 5 mins to this post)
- It's not for people who love Ramayana and Mahabaratha - oh! I see that you have moved to the next line already.

Rant starts:
22nd June 2009 TOI reported that a woman in Delhi was molested by 4 men, because she objected to her being treated like an object, the men slashed her face with a knife and then robbed her. Apparently she was in a bus when this happened. Now, why did this happen to a lady and not to another man (not that I want this to happen to anybody)? I wondered about it for 20 mins and did a quick psycho-analysis and concluded that Ramayana and Mahabaratha is to blame. Why?

Well, you guys must know the story of how Ravana abducted Sita and after what seemed like eternity, Rama with the aid of Hanuman & co. rescued Sita. As if all this was not enough, Rama made Sita walk on fire to prove her purity. Which she did (WTF#1). So why wasn't Rama expected to undergo a agni-pariksha? He also stayed away from Sita for so long. He might have had a jolly time with a few dainty damsels in the forest, who knows. So why the partial treatment? And no, I don't feel sorry for Sita, she should have made Rama walk on fire instead of being so pathi-vratha and doing all the things her swamy demanded (and inturn making me fume).

Next, I am sure you are aware of the gambling that went on between the Pandavas and Kauravas. Well, I was talking about this with my mil and she said, "those pandavas had no right to pawn their wife and they sat with head bowed down even when she was begging them to help her, che". (Okay people this is not coming from any 18 year old hot-headed teenager, it comes from a 60 yr old lady who has seen and done all). What she said was true. That Draupadi had not 1 but 5 husbands, and not one of them even came to rescue her when crazy Duryodana was tugging her well oiled hair and tearing her expensive zaari sari. Shame shame. And yes, I don't feel sorry for her also, because after that incident instead of issuing them with a divorce order she continued living with them happily ever after (WTF#2). And who can forget the famous Mrs. Gandhari. D who blindfolds herself to give moral support (WTF#3) to her husband Dhritarashtra, who was born blind. I wonder if he would have done the same?

All these stories only seem to imply that men are superior and women should ALWAYS bow down, cover her face, listen obediently and do as the man says. If not she will have her face slashed, her boobs pressed, her butt pinched, her sari torn, acid thrown and finally robbed/burnt.

When I was in my 5th std, I had to learn Ramayana and Mahabaratha as part of our History lessons (WTF#4). I am not sure if this has been discontinued. If not, I would advice them (whoever is in charge of framing the syllabus) to remove those stories because it not only seems to teach wrong things but also the spellings of these characters give the students a headache. Because, the names are so twisted with 2 'r', 4 's', 2 't' yabaaaa...SO damn hard to memorize (3 beatings from my Mom, 2 hours of mugging, 1 stern look from my Dad and I still got 0.5 mark cut for missing an 'r' in one of these character's name- WTF#5).

This rant might give my grandmom a mini-attack. Do I look like I give a damn?
The post that was responsible for my rant:
Oh yes, if you do find mistakes in the spellings of these characters, blame Wikipedia.

Rant ends.


  1. what were the other passengers doing? what was the busdriver doing?
    enjoying the fuck??
    leme go read the article...

  2. i live in this city...Delhi and it's sad that this one incident is not a singular case of crime against women...a woman is gang raped somewhere n a college student is gang raped in her own car in front of her boyfriend....a minor is assaulted by her teacher and a wife is murdered by her techie husband just on the suspicion that she is having an affair with somebody........the list doesn't is utterly shameful that people on the streets do not come forward to help sometimes but i have seen people helping in this city also ......
    in this particular case an act of bravery by some fellow passenger could have averted the crime........that was a blueline bus.......i have personally seen a bus in the evening feels that situation girls should be equipped for their own safety , a confident gesture always scares a these situations , bravery and presence of mind of the victim is most important........when you give a fight then only others may feel tempted to help........a woman's sixth sense is very helpful....

    most importantly our legal system is to blame for ....criminals know it very well that they will get away easily....also the 'crowd people' are becoming more n more insensitive n there seems to be no solution for the mind set....

    Dr. Kiran Bedi is doing excellent work to help out and educate people regarding this ....but the question is ....who has to wake up????

  3. I really dont know what to say, i read such articles everyday and feel so angry! Is there any way we could really make a difference?

  4. Yeah.. age old stories, age old arguments. What can I say except say it with you. WTF!!!

  5. SJ I fully agree to your analysis. i commented on the same in my mail Women then and Now.
    actually all these mythological characters are responsbile for the poor status of woman. remember the story of Ahilya how she was turned into a stone by her husband.
    In our society all rules are only for women. men go scot free without any tensions.

  6. perople who did this have got politicians influence thats why they dare 2 do this some times ministers sons will also involve in this and case will not b registered.govt should enforce a v. strict and stringent punishment for these people and they should not let out of jail at any cost and they should not care whether its son r ministers son then only this type of voilence will come down .

  7. I agree with everything you say here!

    The incident in delhi was so shocking wasn't it? Atrocious! I wonder if any further steps have been taken against those men.

    And your analysis of Ramayana and Mahabharata -so apt! It makes me ao angry to hear Rama being referred to as the 'ideal man'!! Gets me so riled! Give me that flirt of Krishna to self righteous Rama who insulted his wife ! I find it difficult to believe that so many people still believe in all this so whole heartedly!


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