Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Photo Friday : Monochrome

Photo Friday: Monochrome

Photo Friday- Monochromatic


  1. But its not Friday today. Also, what happened to the blogroll on your sidebar??

  2. is this a sughandaraja flower?nice look.

  3. Nice click...THose leaves are really good..never saw such kind..

  4. Beautiful shot. The water droplets enhances the picture.

  5. Hi SJ, I am having you on my blog roll. Hope you don't have any issues. Beautiful pic by the way! :)

  6. You have such a beautiful blog!! Amazing pictures, wonderful recipes and great write ups. Loved it totally.

  7. won't let anything go by no?? Photography too?? You are one pain in the blog for me....ok Bring it on..lolz...I like a challenge with you..

    Btw the pic is awesome what with you generously sprinkling a tsp or two of water on the leaf and garnishing with that white flower....

  8. @Nags,
    Can't wait till Friday. Sidebar removed for more useful purposes as you can see :P
    Gothilla kane, it was near the apt. begging me to take its pic, so took it.
    @Prathibha& Shama,
    Yea, never thought balck n white would look so good! Thanks for visiting my blog man!
    I have no issues- you can blogroll me, gtalk with me, gmail me anything but friendly banter.
    Thanks for stopping by!!
    You again sigh. I sent you everything get off your lazy ass and do it now! And don't use any cooking jargon on the picture, absolute no no. Go now, take the picture.

  9. aptly descibes me for tone!!

    beautiful ur shots..u shud have ur all ur photo collection on ur sidebar!!

  10. I personally prefer black and white pics, they really come out well, love thos tiny droplets of water..lovely!

  11. Eye-catching pic.Wht's name of tht flower?
    By the way, yeah Photo-friday hai kya? any contest?

  12. and yes, I love b/w pics. :)

  13. sugandharaja pushpa... Scanning Electron Microscope se image nikali kya???? it looks like that..hehe
    planning to open "SJ Vale" studio ah!! plz mere sundar mukh ka photo nikalke dena SJ

  14. Lovely pic SJ...The water droplets are captured wonderfully

  15. thatz a good shot .. BTW when's the H4 Saga part II coming??

  16. @Rush,
    No no...All that space on side bar is reserved for AdSense.
    I usually don't take black&white, but this time the theme was Mononchrome. And I liked most of the pics I took- so will be doing more of blacknwhite hereafter. Thanks!
    Its a weekly photo event. I have no idea about the flower's identity! TY!
    Aioo meri maa...all that Hindi is going to make me constipated- I can just hear your voice kane. please nilisu!!
    On thursday next week. TY!

  17. muje "angrezi" nahi aatha yaar... mere hindi itna shudh hai..kya problem hai tuje??? hahahhaha
    ok ya I ll send you 1 litre of peptobismal..dont worry abt your constipation.

  18. the water droplets look magical.


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