Sunday, June 21, 2009


California Pizza Kitchen serves THE best pizza in town. I am not too gaga over pizzas, but J is. We love their crust and have scoured the net for the perfect crust. Some of them became crisp biscuit like, few turned into soggy mess, the others were like granite. Sad, I know. Then I got this recipe from "Top secret recipes" I tried it today. Our verdict : AMAZING!!!

I am not going to give you any pizza sauce recipe here. Just that amazing crust - you definitely have to give it a try!!!


Honey-wheat crust:
1/3 c + 1 Tbsp warm water
1 Tbsp honey
3/4 tsp yeast
2/3 C bread flour
1/3 C whole wheat flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 Tbsp olive oil

1) Mix water with honey, add the yeast, stir till dissolved. Let the mixture rest for 5 minutes till it foams.
2) Sift the flours and salt together. Add the liquid, gradually, mixing until all the ingredients are combined.
3)Knead the dough for 10 minutes. Form into a ball, coat with olive oil.
4) Cover the dough for 2 hours or till it doubles.
5) Punch the dough and put it back in the refrigerator overnight.
6) Take the dough from the refrigerator 1 to 2 hours before you prepare the pizza.

Noteworthy notes:
- Dough must refrigerate for the flavours to develop. Do not skip this step.
- Stretch the dough , it will stretch. It tears on the way but you can patch it up. We got it to stretch 13 inch (the pizza in the above picture is 13")
- I was a little scared it would come out like a hard biscuit it didn't (wide grin)


I just used bottled Marinara sauce (tsk, tsk, tsk, I know) but hey, I jazzed it up with more garlic and Italian spices :D. I used soy cheese on my side (yes, we both have different sides on our pizza) along with jalapenoes. If you haven't tried baby broccoli- it's time you did :P

And, if you are wondering why one side of the pizza is SO dark brown in colour; I was not around when J added the Mozzarella, I have a feeling he dumped the entire packet. Sigh, men.

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  1. That pizza looks GOOD. God save me. I just had pizza yesterday!!

    And - I love the addition of broccoli and I totally totally understand the two different sides. We do the same. All the dirty stuff goes on to the other side!

  2. TH is crazy about pizza too! I usually make it with store-bought base :D hehe.. which is why i have never posted it cuz how hard is it to chop up some vegetables and throw in some cheese on top?

    now crust.. that's a good one to post.. hmm..

  3. The pizza looks great and thanks for the pizza crust recipe :-)

  4. That looks lovely dear..Would like to grab that slice..

  5. looks yummmmmy! I'm drooling here. The first time I come here and I'm being treated with this...what more do I ask for??

  6. nannantha modaligare baking temperature information kooda kotre chennagirutte SJ. I would love to try this one :)

  7. I am not a big fan of pizzas but i do like whole wheat ones, especially home made, nice click!!

  8. That's the most perfect looking home-made pizza ever!

  9. Honey! Hmm...that should be nice. Will try!

  10. We love pizza too...that Garlic pizzaaa...mmmm.

    Thank you gal for recipe of pizza crust. will try sometime.:)

  11. looks really inviting...your pics are great no need to say...
    i make whole wheat base n that has two sides for the two of us, just like this one......

  12. SJ, you super woman, you make your pizza from scratch? You make me feel hopelessly inadequate. I am only good at eating them. So I am thinking, what if I buy the pizza base and start from there... do you think the kids will notice?
    And please point your gun at somebody and make him/her read my blog.

  13. Nice one...sounds interesting and looks really good...i tried A&N's pesto pizza...that was yum, must give this a try too...

  14. i love the Mango tandoori in CPK..but now after seeing urs..hats off to u Sj..this is fab..the crust the toppings, theentire look..i must say u r a pizzaexpert!!
    thnks for sharing the crust, never tried it with honey..will try this soon and let u know how it comes!!

  15. me wants sauce recipe... booooo...

  16. @Sambhar,
    didnt masalavade make you add soy cheese to your part of pizza at gun point? [......or........ did you realize she has no bullets in that gun? :).........]
    have to try this crust recipe...the ones that I make comes out like crisp biscuits most of the time:(

  17. @Nandu,
    Yes, dirty stuff SHOULD be on the other side ;)
    I tried the store bought crust just once, turned out so hard we had bruised palates trying to eat it!
    @Bergamot, Prathibha,
    I drool every time I visit your blog, at your writing!
    @MEC, Sae,
    Ty! Let me know it turned out!
    hmmm..had garlic naan never knew of garlic pizza!!!
    Yes, we both have very different tastes!
    J reads your blog without a gun to his head. He was in tears reading about Ayushi. He just doesn't comment- which I do!!! I am lazy as well, just once in a blue moon I get some mood+energy+time and all that!!
    @ Arch,
    Pesto on this crust mmm.....niiceee..
    @ Rush,
    Hey how did you get to taste tandoori? They have chicken on that pizza so I haven't tried it. I usually take their pastas. Its very simple. Let me know how it went!
    @ Sia,
    emm....bottled Marinara sauce?!
    Sambhar hates anything healthy, he picked out that full fat Mozzarella and when I was not looking dumped the entire thing on 1 half of the crust!!! Let me know it turned out!

  18. Wow....awesome thin crust.....looks yum with those drooling toppings....

  19. I have attempted piza from scratch so many times and each time the kids say but mom the pizza hut pizza is so much better!! Hmm what to say, I suck at it..but will give this recipe a try..just might change the kid's point of view..

  20. Your post came right in time. Was looking for pizza crust recipes.will try this for sure.

  21. u got me there..i took the chicken off from anils order!! and im pretty sure i didnt bite into a chicken piece.

  22. Good one so get ready with the dough next week ok...make for 6 ppl will ya?? I can have any probs in that

  23. Hopped over from your comment at my blog :)

    Loved the way your pizza looks! I used to totally love California Pizza Kitchen while at the US - used to love everything there!

  24. Even sj i too love only cpk pizza the ingredients they use are so fresh and crust is superb.. ur is looking so lovely and wish to have a slice , me too make the same but never added honey but should add it next time i do.. hope it makes some diff

  25. Thats one buuuuutiful pizzaa..i say..that look so so yum..!


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