Saturday, June 6, 2009

Who am I?

Who am I?
I am round or oval, but never square,
I can be XS, S, M , L or XXL,
People eat me raw, juice me (sometimes sniff sometimes sniff..they..they put me in hot water and skin me beforehand wahhh!!), add me to every dish imaginable, they even stuff me...sobs (like I am some sort of Thanksgiving turkey grrr...)
People keep comparing babies' cheeks to me- ahem people, I come in other colours too.
I can be orange or yellow or green also sometimes (Oh yeah, I don't like being compared to a babies' cheeks or bottom. I have my own personality *hmmmpf*)
This silly SJ brought me all the way from Home depot *Why oh why God? Why her? ~sigh~*
Miss. Rose told me SJ *whisper* flushed Veeru, Chinnu and last week, Ramu down the toilet. Wonder what she will do to me *gulp*

Holy crap! here she comes, to suffocate me with her love- pouring water not only to quench my thirst but enough to flood her entire flat. *why oh why God? Why me? ~weep~*


PS- yes the silly woman couldn't even wait till I was recognizable, in this flower state she wants you to guess who I am... repeat after me- Why oh Why God?

Thank You all for your overwhelming support in the aunty-India er...I mean anti-India bashing post. Writing that post made me think what I am doing for my country. Apart from missing it like hell- nothing basically. If anyone of you participates in any programme or knows of any such programme that benifits India or its citizens please do let me know. Until then, ignore that nut case plant.


  1. I can write a code and genetically modify a plant and make it bear square TOMATOES. I like comparing the setting evening sun, my neighbours plumpy cheeks, the colour of certain cheese cakes I end up making at home to that of a TOMATO..
    Why O why SJ you got a plant and asked us to guess what it is??? Why O why I have no clue about what a fruit a plant will bear once it is uprooted from home depot and sits in my balcony?? sobs...SJ when your plant bears fruit please do let me know what it gave you....meanwhile am going to fix myself some TOMATO rasam to get some relief from cold and sneezing...

  2. TOMATOES.......
    your love for your roots is enough dear.....doing something doesn't mean you have to march like a satyagrahi.......

  3. the kid seems to have got a lot of bashing from mommie dear..its almost sunk its head in shame!!

  4. domado!!! sniff...cough...if id's correcd, whad do I ged? achoo...

  5. @Sakshi,
    I asked for the answer not a whole post :P. 2 on 5 because you kept going in circles. Answer not clear.
    Thanks! 5 on 5 pass.
    Good job 5 on 5.
    I don't see any answers. 5 on 5 (because I like you)
    ~sigh~ 4 on 5 for giving me an innovative and different answer.
    Flu or what? 4 on 5 spelling mistake.

  6. So are these tomatoes round or oval or cherry?


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