Monday, June 8, 2009

Only for smarty pants

Ok smarty pants, most of you guessed the last one right. I gave away too many precious clues and helped you. Lets see you guess this one. You only have 2 clues this time; an anagram and this picture,


Anagram : rancid correlation (It includes 2 common names of this plant).
For those who need help on anagrams watch Silence of the lambs :P

And Varsha, honey, its not a banana plant okay?


  1. heee..Guess I was the only one who got it wrong last so much ressembled the pumpkin flowers at my home..:D..This no clue..:(

  2. cilantro aka coriander...achooo...aarchoo...correcd?

  3. I know why you gave me 2 out of 5...sniff...sniff..Is it my fault that some people love my comments?? sniff...sniff..Ha and you gave Rush 5...wahh...still I tell you she won't dedicate any of her post to u...she accepts no bribe..

    Now bcoz you didn't give me 5 am not gonna put on my smarty pants and guess the name of this one..Y waste my energy and comments on urs?? I go with Varsha and say this is Kerala Banana plant. Meanwhile let me go and get myself some CILANTRO or CORIANDER to garnish over my biryani...tsk...tsk...u don't get that Biryani too SJ..

  4. jackass in clue *looks dumb*

  5. he he!!, that is cilantro/coriander. I can see one leaf there :)

  6. Coriander aka cilantro!!

    Lovely blog....been lurking for a while...lazy to comment....couldnt let this one go tho!!

  7. Hey! Isn't this one good old dhania? Coriander? Lovely picture, by the way!

  8. @Varsha,
    Maybe you need to take tuition from Saman :P!!
    Tuition from Saman for you also. You need to answer to the point. No ramblings.
    @Centipede (you Steve Irwin's relative?),
    Correct :)
    Never mind (I still like you)
    Clever girl! You son helped you no?
    Aioo..I didn't know you liked such things. I will post some more just for you ok?
    Sabhash! Seri-yanna answer!
    @Saee Koranne-Khandekar,
    Correct. Thank you! You look very familiar..hmmm...

  9. i tried growing cilantro..but guess wat? it grew half an inch and started to flower :(
    email me how u grew them..rite from the seeds..will give it one final shot!!

  10. Rush don't ask her ...she got it from home depot

  11. @ rush......plants start flowering early if climate is adverse.....grow them in appropriate temperature n try n split the seeds , soak for 2 hrs n then sow them.....

    @ SJ darling all of them....(most of them) here are food bloggers, no clues are needed baby...


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