Tuesday, June 16, 2009

H4 saga: Part 1

Mr. A is perfect, just perfect in all ways- good job, glasses which make him look smart, seems to be a nice man, head full of hair..one glitch - he works in US of A, with a H1 visa. This means Rani will have to trade her lucrative job, which pays for her chaats/phone bills/eyebrow threading/monthly waxing, for the dreaded H4 visa.
"You are already 28, don't miss the boat. Also, as you age hair growth slows down so no need for waxing" moans the amma.
"Arre yaar, he has hair no? See Priya married a taklu guy your case is much better" says the wise friend.
"Have you made up your mind yet?" enquires the appa.
"Girls should not be given choices, when I was your age I had 4 kids already" spits the "shriveled with wisdom and experience" ajji.

1 engagement, 4 months gap, 1 wedding, 4 days Ooty honeymoon, teary farewell to hubby, long line outside the visa office with promised offerings to Tirupathi if visa is stamped, 20 mins trying to explain to the English lady about Kancheepuram sarees, FINALLY H4 visa--success!!
2 suitcases filled with pickles, rasam powder, sambhar powder, amma says, "aioo you might not get all these things in Aamerikka. Also, nothing can come close to home made", 10 desi bras-America experienced presently H4 friend says, "ekkkss American bra is all pads and metal wire, better get India bra", "just bring yourself dahling! " coos the hubby. More tears and goodbye. Awful aeroplane food and stinky passengers, Rani steps out to the land of milk and honey (Thanks ya Bikerdude!!) and falls right into her beloved's waiting arms.
Unfortunately she has come in December. Aioioooo, Govindaaa....
"Oh no! This is just like the set from the Ring movie, so cold and dark"
"heeheehee, don't worry dahling, you will get adjusted."

Guys do you want me to continue this? It's your call. I won't if you don't want me to :P


  1. loved it babe..dont keep me waiting..anxiously waiting thou its each one of our story..love the way u put it ((hugs))

  2. Hey..good yaar...really enjoyed reading...last week only i quit my job to be with my hubby here...

  3. Sigh...me don't want you to continue coz I have one such offering coming up soon on my blog. So I suggest you even delete this one.

    Psst psst...Does Rani learn Ice skating while eating Mangaloren Buns?? Come on bring the second part and let us know what Rani is up to....if the second part is as good as the first minus the Bra I will scrape mine...it's a deal...

  4. LMAO....is this really how you played it out?!! Please continue...I want to know all about the life and times of Rani in the land where streets are paved in gold, albeit a tad like the "ring"!!

  5. LOL!

    Although I came here to study, have seen many of my friends doing all the above...come on..I would like this to continue! :P
    the more..the better! :D

    Love ur blog!


  6. write one more part and then I will decide and tell if you can continue......
    .... I can see that blown-away-fuse-not-working-chapathi-maker coming towards my head!!!!!

  7. Doesn't sound like your's story??? LOL...lagata hai apka pet name Rani hai, hai naa?:P

    lage raho...waiting for more.:)

  8. gwad.... y bra story here!!! hahaha
    me too waitingu darlingu plz continue the story
    n plz no more bra stories in the next part ok!!

  9. @Rush,
    LOL!! Next week! hugs
    Welcome to H4 club!
    ur nuts.
    "...how you played.." you is who? Hey this is about Rani not me. Yes, will post next week part 2
    Thanks! Will do!
    Definitely will do!
    Did that chapathy maker land and make a hole in your head?
    ahem...nehi mereko koi pet name nehi hai. Mereko only 1 naam that is SJ.
    Why so much aversion to bras?? Yea, will do!

  10. the fact u titled it part 1 means u want you continue no? since when do u listen to other people?! just do it :D

  11. Please continue...you got me interested and eager to know what happens next :-)

  12. pls continue maadi...this is super fun !

  13. hi rani, what happened next?cont.

  14. @Nags,
    That Srikrisha is my mom you ask her how obedient I am ;p I want to see how many people really want to know the sad story of Rani. Pretty much everyone expect Sakshi-but she is little screw loose so don't mind.
    Super ok!
    Sigh every saturday rani tells you no? Then why do you want to know?
    yeh dil deegi more :)

  15. Loved it, c'mon bring out the part2...

  16. OMG are these people serious?? They want to know more about H4 wife...Thanks for the survey SJ am gonna make my debut post...

    Your mom reads your blog??? Can I O can I please let her know the mental ststus of her daughter??

  17. hahaa..so true abt those bra's..D:D..gontinue maadi..!

  18. @Parita,
    Shush woman don't indulge in friendly banter here. Come to Gtalk.
    Yep such precious advice they gave Rani sigh

  19. i love 2 read especially comments tell ur blog friend sakshi.

  20. more please!!!! :D
    hilarious :)

  21. Srikrishna and Sakshi, please continue your friendly banter elsewhere.Absolutely no affectionate talks or chit-chat here, this is a blog ok? Not a forum- Mind it!

    Wait I am coming to read your blog.

  22. Ha you heard of something called freedom of speech?? Well the internet allows the maximum freedom of speech I have ever seen and lady your blog is no exemption...Hello Srikrishna aunty...great to hear that you come here to read the comments..I will see to it that you are always entertained..Nice to hear from you :) :)

  23. ha ha ......enjoyed all of it ..esp the bra part....please continue n let sakshi do whatever....i want to know how the 'love' starts when the marriage is 'arranged'.....do you have it in the story ahead??

  24. wow loved the way ur wrote,want to read more,awaiting for the next post and what rani did it amarika


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